What is the Mutton Renaissance

The Mutton Renaissance
Celebrating A Classic Taste

For hundreds of years, mutton was the staple meat of the British household, considered superior in texture and flavour to lamb. Changes in farming and cooking lead to mutton’s sudden decline and for the last fifty years mutton has almost disappeared from our shops and restaurants.

The Mutton Renaissance campaign was launched in 2004 by the Prince of Wales to support British sheep farmers who were struggling to sell their older animals, and to get this delicious meat back on the nation’s plates.

The future for mutton is looking up. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, in his River Cottage Meat Book, says, “The word about mutton is starting to get around. Smart chefs are already putting it on their menus, and a few enlightened butchers are beginning to market it as something rather special.”

The Prince of Wales continues to lead the Mutton Renaissance Campaign, which is co-ordinated by the National Sheep Association and the Academy of Culinary Arts.

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Latest newsA new book has been published telling for the first time the story of mutton.
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