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Standards For Renaissance Mutton
Production and Processing Standards for Renaissance Mutton

On Farm

  • Renaissance Mutton must be produced to a Farm Assurance standard
  • Eligible sheep must be over two years of age. To be confirmed by either documentation or dentition
  • Eligible sheep to be either female or castrates. Entire males are not acceptable
  • All eligible sheep must be traceable to the farm where they have been produced
  • There are no breed specifications
  • Finishing diet to be forage-based  - grass, hay, silage, turnips, swedes, etc. augmented by farm-produced straight cereals when necessary (barley, oats, etc.)

In Abattoir

  • Carcase classifications of E,U,R or O for conformation, fat classes 2, 3L, 3H or 4L are required
  • Carcase or cuts to be matured for at least two weeks
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